Questions and Answers|BOOKTUBE NEWBIE TAG

Hello book lovers,

I am Alin and welcome to my channel. Today I am going to do the Booktube Newbie Tag because it’s a fun way to start this journey on YouTube. 

So let’s do this.


I will start with the first question.

Why did you start this booktube channel?

  • I love learning, I love books and I love to talk about books and ideas
  • I want to share my view about various books I am reading and listen to other peoples’ opinions on the same books. 
  • The last thing, I would like to meet new people who have similar interests as I have and making new friends.

What are some fun and unique things you can bring to booktube?

  • I believe I will come up with my own interpretations of books
  •  I will also talk about very different types of books from fiction to nonfiction, so you’ll have a bit of everything, literature, philosophy, psychology, art history, sociology, anthropology and so on.
  • I will try to make my video blogs engaging and I hope I will succeed in doing that. I think I am a funny person.

What are you most excited about this new channel?

  • I think the fact that I can interact with other people who like the same things I like. 
  • I am excited about creating videos about books and topics I like. 
  • I am excited about speaking in front of the camera, editing videos and creating quality content.

Why do you love reading?

I will give you four reasons:

  • Umberto Eco said at one moment: ‘The person who doesn’t read lives only one life. The reader lives 5000′. Reading is immortality backwards.’ So in a way, I get some knowledge and insights about life in general, culture and civilization that I couldn’t get from random people on the street or where I work. 
  • I believe it makes me think critically about the world around me and I can look at a particular issue from different perspectives
  • Reading a book is very good entertainment, similar to a film, a theatre play, or watching a football match
  • It helps me to sleep really fast if I am really tired, it’s better than a sleeping pill.

What book or series got you into reading?

  • It wasn’t a book that got me into reading, but a radio show that I used to listen too, that was my main motivation to start reading books.  
  • But the first book that I remember reading was a book by Ernest Hemingway called For Whom the Bell Tolls and that’s where all started. I remember I went and told my mom how much I enjoy reading.

What challenges do you think starting a booktube channel will be the hardest to overcome?

  • I think the first challenge is to keep posting videos without thinking about the views and keeping myself motivated
  • Interacting with people who are commenting on your channel  and being able to keep the conversation going 
  • Come up with ideas and creating content for you guys

When did you start reading?

  • I just have to confess that I hated reading books as a child and teenager. I remember tearing up books, that’s how much I hated books. 
  • As I said earlier, I was listening to this radio show and I really liked the hosts. And at one moment, they were talking about books and they were basically saying that people who don’t read are stupid.  S-T-U-P-I-D. And when I heard that, something triggered inside me and I said to myself I have to start reading, I don’t want to be one of those stupid people. And that’s how I started to read books at the age of 19

Where do you read?

  • I  am reading books on the bus, train or tram, plane because I don’t like to waste time on public or private transportation
  • But my favourite place to read by far is in my bed. That’s where all the magic happens.
  • I think I love reading in bed is because it is the most comfortable place in the house and it is easier for me to focus on the content.

What kind of books do you like to read?

  •  If we talk about fiction books, now I am reading books that I wouldn’t touch ten years ago (young adult fiction) because I was a very snobby and stupid reader back then
  • I really love to read nonfiction, I like philosophical essays, books on history politics, psychology, art history, but at the moment I am focused more on learning more about science and business, two areas I don’t have a lot of knowledge about.

What questions would you ask your favourite booktubers?

  • One of my favourite YouTubers is Common Spence because he has this entertaining style and he creates very interesting videos. 
  • What would I ask him? If he would like to do a video together? And how does he motivate himself to create his videos?


So that’s the end of my first YouTube video –  Booktube Newbie Tag

In the next video, I will talk about a very controversial book  ‘Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark’

So be sure you hit that like button and subscribe to my channel to see new videos every week!

See ya!


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